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Gucci Fucci

May 1, 2018

Heyyyy guys.... 

Can't even remember the last time I was on here, BUT I'm back bitchessssss!! (watching way too much Jersey Shore). Honestly when it's cold out I do not have time to go and do photoshoots. Literally the most painful thing ever. 


Anyways, now that the weather is amazing and the semester is coming down to an end I have a lot more time to head down to the city and WERK IT.


I recently did a photoshoot with the idea of keeping the colors similar. I love love love when people match, whether it be a whole outfit (just bought one from Zara) or just buying pieces that are the same color. You might be wondering why my title is Gucci Fucci (aka Fake Gucci). Well this outfit was totally Gucci inspired, however, prices of my outfit were for sure more than Gucci. LOL kidding. My top and bottom are from Zara, you know me, I thrive on buying inexpensive clothing and making them look better than brands that are charging ya'll a lot of shmoney. And of course I had to add my bloody shoes in there to keep dat red going on. My outfit might be Fucci but my bag is Gucci and beautiful as could be!


So, when mixing colors you don't ever want to be shy, take my outfit for example, my top is super dark red, almost a maroon color with some polka dots. Whereas, my skirt is a mix of gold, bright red and black. The prints totally made the outfit super fancy with a little spunk to it, which was the goal the whole time. My maroon velvet Christian Louboutins were definitely a plus to the outfit as well as my Gucci bag. This was my first ever Gucci bag and it was just so different that I just had to get it. It was a spur of the moment buy just because I am someone who loves to keep it anything expensive, super simple and basic. I stick to my blacks and nudes and call it a day. However, this was just so unique and something I knew could make all my outfits stand out even more!

I am going to show you guys some more photos from my photoshoot, with the best Gabe Araujo!!














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