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Something Blue

August 6, 2017

Hey guys! I was so happy that you all loved my latest outfit on Instagram. Your comments really make me happy and I am glad you enjoy the photos, I hope they help you get an idea on how to style your skirts and/or tops. It was definitely an outfit I was excited to shoot in. So let me tell you a little bit about this inexpensive outfit! I know many of you follow bloggers that are constantly buying skirts that are like $80 or more on all these crazy websites and of course we ALL have fell under the pressure and splurged on a piece of clothing that you know you'll eventually regret buying because you wear it once, post in on Instagram and of course can't wear it again because who wears clothes more than once these days... am i right?! *eye roll* (just an fyi, that was a joke... please wear your clothes more than once... I am still getting the hang of rewearing some pieces but it is really foolish to not). Anyways, I have decided that I will not be one of those people/ bloggers that buys skirts for over $30. The reason behind this is because, yes, you can always change up the outfit and wear it differently than you have in the past, but that is mainly for skirts that are simpler, one color, etc. My last skirt was very cute and very in style for summer. However, it is a piece that you can wear with not a lot besides a white top & if you say otherwise you might just be tacky. LOL! Oops! So, I am here to tell you, you don't need to spend a lot on these clothes that we all know will go out of style sooner or later and will rot in our closet until we are ready to give them away. Many of you who have followed me for a while know that I love Sheinside! In the beginning I was a little iffy about it because the prices were so low and it just didn't seem real but I bought some clothes and they kept coming out great so I continued to buy from there. No, not all my clothes are from there but pieces like my skirt and replicas of these expensive clothes that you don't want to waste money on are all on this website! You should all check it out! You can thank me later! 


Anyways, my skirt is from Shein & so is my top! Here are some more photos from my shoot! 





I know my shirt is tucked out... I was just super sweaty & tired from shooting! Sorry!! Still my favorite photo!  


 Love these photos!


I know so many of you love my shoes for this shoot & so do I. However, I got these heels about two years ago at Zara's in Cross County in Yonkers! There are so many places you could find heels like these. I've seen them on Steve Madden, they just recently had a pair like this from Zara's with some jewels on them as well! Super cute and fun to wear! 



XOXO TheTwentySomethingyrOld 


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